Friday, February 19, 2010

Backstreets 5th March

Finished the new poster last night... Unfortunately I won't be there since I'll be basking in the Mexican sunshine, but line-up looks set to be a blinder...

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Backstreets XIII

It's that time again... new Backstreets poster is done. Hope you can come along, The Winter Olympics are likely to blow the roof off... And if they don't, me and ElectricGoose will be playing music until the early hours afterwards. See below for more info:

Now into its lucky 13th running, Backstreets is a semi-regular night of music featuring some of London's best bands and DJs spinning classics. Great music to get drunk to on a Friday night!

Formed out of the ex-members of the Furies (who played the very first Backstreets!) and bass player/vocalist Lizzi Ford, Bitter Things have gone from strength to strength primarily through word of mouth. They’ve recorded at the illustrious Mayfair studios with Simon Hayes and headlined shows across London and have been compared to a range of acts including The Velvet Underground, the White Stripes, the Pixies, the Strokes and … Fleetwood Mac. This is great bitter-sweet folky-rock with a garage twist.

Backstreets’ favourite office workers are back! Inspired by the DIY dignity of Dischord, the daft funk of DFA and the non-ironic, no-nonsense stadium-slaying standards of Def Leppard, they are not like the other bands. Live, the Olympics are an unlikely riot: all loose loud guitars, warehouse sized rave keys and lion-lunged love songs about girls, work and spaceships. They play like five IT guys who happen to be hiding The Stooges inside, they sound like a bomb going off inside a tiny radio.

THE 45 REVS (London/Leatherhead)
Rock with a punk-edge, these boys play quirky and jumping riffs mixed with wild vocals that will make you want to jump and dance. They stormed last years’ Surface Unsigned Music Festival and look set for even bigger things in 2009.

Brainchild of Richard Green, songwriter, guitarist and singer from both Ultrasound and The Somatics. The Heavens are a blend of British and American Psychedelia, Rock & Roll and 90's Brit-Rock and have gone down a treat in the Leeds music scene.

Plus Backstreets' legendary drunk DJs until late.

More info:

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


New Backstreets poster done and dusted... should be a good night, great line-up of Backstreets regulars, plus myself and the Electricgoose getting drunk and playing music until the early hours...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Guardian Politics List

...and some great political songs to accompany them...

1000 songs everyone must hear

Politics and protest: part five of 1000 songs everyone must hear

My selection of 63 from the list of 141

Guardian's Life & Death list

Been playing around with the Guardian's lists. Here's the Life & Death one, my fav's listed below...

1000 songs everyone must hear

Life and death: 1000 songs everyone must hear

My selection of 44 from the list of 131

Monday, February 23, 2009

March of the Idiots

They're coming, they're coming... And as part of their continuing campaign against science, logic and progress, they're complaining about the MMR jab... Listen to this, then go and check out the Bad Science blog to follow the story and hear why Jeni Barnett is wrong. And potentially bad for the health of the nation...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Advertising on the Edge

Here's a link to some work we've just completed at The Economist - posted it on Slideshare and they made it one of their 'Top Presentations of the Day', which was nice.

Not exactly related to the rest of the stuff on this blog, but there you go....

Friday, October 10, 2008

Design classic: London Underground

Apparently it's 100 years ago this week since London Underground introduced the 'roundel' icon, and in so doing created arguably the first true brand logo. The whole point of the roundel was to reassure commuters that, wherever they saw the symbol, the quality of service would be the same, and it would connect to all the rest of the Tube system. Although it changed slightly from its initial inception, the redesign by Edward Johnston in 1913 was pretty much the last significant change to it.

So what better way to celebrate this than a photo of Clapham South in 1926, before the hordes of frisbee-throwers and Foxtons estate agents moved down, and turned it into a suburb of Surrey.